Who Is Gelson Luz?

Gelson Luz is from Brazil. He is an engineer (Welding Expert), inspector, entrepreneur and blogger.

Gelson was born in the early 1980 and lived most of his childhood in Rio de Janeiro.

Like most boys in the late 80s and early 90s, Gelson was a fan of video games.

In the late 90s he got his first computer, which quickly became his newest passion. He completed a course on "how to build and repair computers" and started working on it.

He also loved to play with his dog and companion.

In the early 2000s, Gelson got his mechanical engineering degree. He got influenced by the ideas of continuous quality improvement.

In the late 2k decade he worked on his own "cyber cafe" business.

By 2009 he has returned to engineering, this time working on Brazil's Oil and Gas industry.

By 2013 he was already a highly qualified engineer, specialized in welding. He got a post graduation degree in welding and the following valuable inspector certifications:

  • Certified Welding Inspector by AWS
  • Welding Inspector level 1 by FBTS (Brazilian Inspection Bureau)
  • Welding Inspector level 2 by FBTS (Brazilian Inspection Bureau)

2017: Gelson is creating content for this website.

Gelson is helping to look after Lua (since 2022), a maltese dog:

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