The Best Chamfer Gauge And How To Choose One For You

The Best Chamfer Gauge

GSG Chamfer Gages and Chamfer Gauges from Thread Check Inc.

Thread Check company offers innovative and easy-to-use chamfer gauges that accurately measure chamfers. They provide direct gauging of 45° chamfers on rectangular and cylindrical pieces, even bores or slots.

With a precision of around 0.01mm, these chamfer gauges ensure accurate measurements.

Chamfer Gauge from Swiss Instruments Limited

Swiss Instruments Limited offers a chamfer gauge that includes an internal taper gauge for measuring the largest diameter of a conical bore or a conical keyway. This chamfer gauge is designed to provide precise measurements and is suitable for measuring conical bores and external cones.

Countersink Gages with Digital Electronic Readouts from Brunswick Instrument

Brunswick Instrument's countersink gages with digital electronic readouts are ideal for measuring chamfers. They offer a variety of SPC data output formats and provide accurate measurements. These chamfer gauges are reliable and efficient.

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Comparison Table: GSG Chamfer Gauge versus Chamfer Gauge from Swiss Instruments Limited

Features GSG Chamfer Gauge Chamfer Gauge from Swiss Instruments Limited
Precision 0.01mm N/A
Design Innovative and easy-to-use Includes internal taper gauge
Measuring Range Up to 7mm N/A
Measuring Device Manual N/A
Manufacturer Thread Check Inc Swiss Instruments Limited

How to Choose the Right Chamfer Gauge

Consider the Nature of the Materials

When choosing a chamfer gauge, consider the nature of the materials being measured. Ductile and thin-walled materials may require additional controls to ensure that the force applied to insert the gauge does not distort or alter the product.

Choose the Correct Gauge

Ensure that you are using the correct gauge for the specific chamfer being measured. Chamfer gauges come in different sizes and angles, so please choose the right one for your application.

Avoid Forcing the Gauge

Never force the gauge. Some customers have attempted to quantify the force required to insert the gauge, but it's difficult to reproduce accurately on a shop floor or during receiving. Avoid forcing the gauge to ensure accurate measurements.

Consider the Type of Chamfer

Different chamfer gauges are designed for specific types of chamfers. Consider the type of chamfer you need to measure and choose a gauge that is suitable for that specific type.

Visual Comparison and Consistency

Some chamfer gauges require visual comparison against a known angle wedge to determine acceptance or rejection. Additionally, inconsistent readings may be due to incorrect gauge usage or inconsistent chamfers.

For the customer who values innovation and ease of use, the GSG Chamfer Gauge from Thread Check Inc is the best choice. It offers precise measurements with a precision of 0.01mm and can measure chamfers up to 7mm.

This chamfer gauge is suitable for a wide range of applications and ensures accurate results.

For the customer who needs to measure internal chamfers, the Chamfer Gauge from Swiss Instruments Limited is the ideal option. It includes an internal taper gauge for measuring the largest diameter of a conical bore or a conical keyway.

This chamfer gauge provides specialized measurements for internal chamfers.

For the customer who requires digital electronic readouts and a variety of SPC data output formats, the Countersink Gages from Brunswick Instrument are the perfect choice. These chamfer gauges offer accuracy and reliability, making them suitable for precision measurement needs.

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