Depth Gauge (Quiz)

What is a depth gauge used for?

A) Measuring the height of an object

B) Checking the diameter of a chamfer

C) Obtaining the measurement of the depth of a hole

D) Inspecting the thickness of a material

E) None of the above

Correct answer: C

Which type of depth gauge features a graduated straight scale or ruler affixed to a locking bolt?

A) Depth Rulers

B) Micrometer Style Depth Gages

C) Dial Indicator Depth Gages

D) Chamfer Gage

E) Digital Depth Gages

Correct answer: A

What type of depth gauge uses a Vernier scale concept to obtain additional precision of depth readings?

A) Analog (dial) depth gauges

B) Digital depth gauges

C) Depth gauge micrometers

D) Depth rulers

E) Vernier style depth gauges

Correct answer: E

What is the maximum depth that can be measured with a dial depth gauge?

A) 100mm

B) 150mm

C) 200mm

D) 220mm

E) 250mm

Correct answer: D

Which type of depth gauge requires a power source to power the electronic display?

A) Analog or Dial-Type Depth Gauges

B) Digital Depth Gauges

C) Depth Gauge Micrometers

D) Depth Rulers

E) Vernier Style Depth Gauges

Correct answer: B

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